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This website is maintained by the Town of Fairhaven, MA, Office of Tourism.

Fairhaven, MA Office of Tourism
Christopher Richard, Director of Tourism

For corrections, suggestions or other comments or questions about this website, please email or call 508-979-4085.

Additional Administrators of this site are Amy Hart, Derek Frates, and Steven Rosa.

Website Creation & Preliminary Design:
Jeffrey Wotton, Spectrum Marketing Group

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Christopher J. Richard, Fairhaven Office of Tourism

Historical Sources:

Primary Photography:
Christopher Richard, Fairhaven Office of Tourism
Eric Birkeland
Frank C. Grace, Trig Photography
James Mahaney, Jim Mahaney Photography

Additional Photography:
Bobby Bruso, FHTV
Beth David, Fairhaven Neighborhood News
Anne O’Brien
Jeremiah Katz
Cibele Mariani
Lynda Harriman Racine
Lori Richard
Martha Rogers
Glenn Silva

History Videos:
Production and editing, David Fauteux

Thank you to Christine Neville’s FHS Digital Photography classes: Christine Neville, Jill Petitpas, Stine Trolleboe, Zach DeMello, Kylie Stupalski, Becky DoCouto, Angela Xifaras, Zach Robichaud, Anna Tremblay, Luis Velasquez, Cassie McKane, Alison Kuechler, Tayla Smith, Jacob Duarte, Amanda Lopes, Valerie Malatino, Adam DaCosta, Lily Fenaux, Kyleigh Cabral, Taylor Charles, Matt Hebert, Stephanie Hernandez, Ashlyn Ramos.

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