Riverside Cemetery Tour

Riverside Cemetery Tour
274 Main Street, Fairhaven, MA
Sunday, October 1, 2023, 1:00 p.m.

Created in 1850 by Warren Delano II, the grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, this is one of the most beautiful rural-style cemeteries in Massachusetts. The tour visits the final resting places of some of the town’s most prominent people. You’ll also see lovely examples of early tombstone art as you walk along the beautifully landscaped paths. Tour includes walking on uneven ground. Wear comfortable shoes. Sponsored by the Office of Tourism. Free. Note: Parking is allowed on the roads inside the cemetery, however two or three car lengths must be left open directly inside the gate. There are no public restrooms in the cemetery.

There is no need to register or sign up in advance.

For more information about the walking tours, call the Office of Tourism at 508-979-4085. This is not the phone number of the cemetery. To reach the cemetery, call 508-999-7551.

See our Riverside Cemetery pages to “visit” online.

A brochure and map highlighting some of the prominent burial sites can be downloaded as a PDF here: Riverside Cemetery Brochure