Poverty Point Walking Tour

Poverty Point Walking Tour
Date in 2023 to be announced
Starts at Cooke Memorial Park, Pilgrim Ave.
(Parking on west side of Cherry St. and south side of Pilgrim Ave.)

A revised and updated walk along a new tour route in the oldest village area in present-day Fairhaven. This area, once known as Oxford Village got the nickname Poverty Point around 1810, but the downturn of fortune was short-lived. Hear about the old burial ground and the mysterious human remains dug up in 1902. See what was once called “the most pretentious dwelling in the village.” Learn about the first Japanese person to live in America, the first man to sail around the world alone, the founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and the woman who had a school named after her while she was still its principal. Guide: Christopher Richard. Sponsored by the Fairhaven Office of Tourism. Free. 

Note: Parking is allowed on the west side of Cherry Street and on the south side of Pilgrim Ave.

For more information, call 508-979-4085 or email FairhavenTours@fairhaven-ma.gov.

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