Little Free Libraries

Within Fairhaven, you can now find seven mini libraries where you may take a take a book and leave a book with no fee or library cards required. Some of these are officially registered with and others are independent. Most are smalls kiosks outdoors by the sidewalk. If you or your children are looking for something to read during your visit, stop by one of these little libraries. If you can drop off a book, too, you can add to the reading enjoyment of others.

Chartered Little Free Libraries

Hedge House Library
Hedge House Little Free Library
46 Hedge Street, Fairhaven
This was the first Little Free Library in the town of Fairhaven.


Academy Little Library
Fairhaven Visitors Center
141 Main Street, Fairhaven
Indoors, year round, M,T, Th, F, S 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Corgi House Little Free Library
56 Hawthorne Street, Fairhaven


Library 88 Wash
# 42845
88 Washington Street, Fairhaven


Charter #77353
Green Street Little Free Library
10 Green Street, Fairhaven


Charter #100623
Team Gardner Little Free Library
17 Cottage Street
Fairhaven MA 02719


Rainbow City
19 Summer Street, Fairhaven


Charter #104266
Laurel St. Library
73 Laurel Street, Fairhaven


Charter #105345
Little Free Library
1 Century Drive, Fairhaven


Charter #122005
13 Prince Street, Fairhaven


Independent Free Libraries

WI Library
West Island Community Center,
41 Causeway Road, Fairhaven

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