Dr. Charles Warren White grave site

Dr. Charles Warren White Jr. (1859-1904)

Dr. White came to Fairhaven in 1888 following the death of Dr. Charles Atwood. He had graduated three years earlier from Bellevue Hospital Medical School in New York. White may have come at the suggestion of Henry H. Rogers. In 1889, White built the house at 14 William Street, which also served as his office, and in 1892 he married Eliza Childs, a teacher at Rogers School. Dr. White served on the Fairhaven Board of Health and was a trustee of the Millicent Library. He died at the age of 44 during gallstone surgery he was undergoing in his own office. In 1907, Henry H. Rogers built the White Home for Nurses at St. Luke’s Hospital, New Bedford, named in memory of “his personal physician.”

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