Capt. Warren Delano House

Delano Homestead
Capt. Warren Delano House (ca. 1832)
39 Walnut Street, Fairhaven
(Delano Homestead Bed and Breakfast)
Visits by appointment/reservation only.

Built about 1832 by sea captain and merchant Warren Delano I on land purchased from the Rotch family, the Delano Homestead, 39 Walnut Street, Fairhaven, remained in the family for about 110 years. Additional wings were added onto the house subsequently, but were later removed.

FDR 10-21-36It was later the Fairhaven home of Warren Delano II, grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. F.D.R.’s first visit to Fairhaven was during the summer following his birth in 1882. Notably, it was here in 1903, following Thanksgiving dinner, that Franklin announced to his mother that he had become engaged to (Anna) Eleanor Roosevelt. The last visit to the Homestead by President and Mrs. Roosevelt came on October 21, 1936. The couple dined with the President’s mother Sara, who had arrived in town the night before.

The last Delano owner of the house was Frederic A. Delano, who had it sold at auction in 1942. It sold for $4,025. In 1945, the house was remodeled and the additions were moved to nearby locations and made into separate homes. Since 2003 the house has been used as a bed and breakfast.

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