The town of Fairhaven offers many options for bicyclists to enjoy. Most notably the Phoenix Bike Trail which runs from the center of Fairhaven all the way to Mattapoisett.

Phoenix Bike Trail
The Phoenix Bike Trail may be used for bicycling, walking and running, roller skating, in-line skating or any non-motorized mode of transportation.

phoenix bike trail map fairhaven ma

bikestartTo get there: Take exit18 off 1-195 then take
Route 240 South to Rt. 6 West. At the intersection with Main St. (at Fairhaven High School.) take a left and head south. Continue south to intersection of Ferry and Main Streets. There is sufficient parking.

0.0 mi. Start: Leave Fairhaven Center passing hurricane barrier (constructed in 1966),
heading towards Mattapoisett. You can take advantage of the many stores and restaurants at the Sconticut Neck Rd crossing

1.7 mi. Little Bay Extention: Turn right to continue down approx. 1mi. to Sconticut Neck Rd. Enjoy the great views of Little Bay to your left along the path. When you leave
the bike trail, turn left towards West Island and the beach.

3.5 mi. Fairhaven/Mattapoisett Line: From the turn-off to Little Bay continue east
to Mattapoissett, you will pass beautiful vistas of tidal estuaries and farmland.

4.5 mi. : This last mile crosses over into Mattapoisett, ending at Mattapoisett Neck Rd. Turning right takes you down to the bay. Turn left to get to Route 6. Plans are underway to extend this bike trail through Mattapoisett and beyond toward the Cape Cod Canal. To learn more about Mattapoisett’s trail, visit here:

For more information on the Fairhaven Bikeway Committee, please visit them at:

You may also learn about regional bicycling opportunities from the SouthCoast Bikeway Alliance:


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