Ruby Allen & Stephen Merrihew

Ruby (Eldredge) (Merrihew) Allen (1750-1835) & Stephen Merrihew (1742-1783)

Ruby Eldredge married Stephen Merrihew in January of 1769. They were great grandparents of Henry H. Rogers. Stephen built the house at 39 Middle Street that became Rogers’ childhood home. In 1792, nine years after her first husband’s death, Ruby married Jethro Allen Jr. In 1833, when Ruby’s granddaughter Mary. E. Huttleston married Rowland Rogers, the young couple moved into Ruby’s home. The house passed from Ruby to her daughter Rhoda Huttleston, then to Mary E. Rogers.

Ruby and Stephen were originally buried in the old burial ground in the center of Fairhaven and were moved here in 1881 by Henry. H. Rogers.

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