Conversations about Women’s History: Ida Tarbell

Conversations about Women’s History: Ida Tarbell
Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 6:30 p.m.
Millicent Library, 45 Center St., Fairhaven (use Walnut St. entrance)

During Women’s History Month, the Friends of the Millicent Library is presenting informal talks and discussions about women in Massachusetts history who changed people’s lives. The conversations will be led by Beth Luey, a Fairhaven resident who has written about these fascinating historical figures. The talks will last about an hour.

Wednesday, March 8: Neighbor and Nemesis: Ida Tarbell takes on Henry Huttleston Rogers
When Ida Tarbell was a little girl, she and Henry Rogers were neighbors near Titusville, Pennsylvania—one of the towns where Standard Oil put small operators like her father out of business. She grew up to be a muckraking journalist whose research and reporting led to the breakup of the Standard Oil Trust.

Free, no tickets needed. Disabled accessible (Walnut Street entrance); disabled parking. For more information email

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