February 2017

Greetings. At the Office of Tourism, February and March are when many of the details for the coming year are planned and finalized. Already I have made arrangements for some of the advertising. Most of my advertising budget is spent between now and April to pay for the ads that will appear from April through the fall/winter holidays. There will be a half-page Fairhaven ad in the South Coast … [Read more...]

January 2017

Greetings. To make it easier for the public to find out what’s going on at the Office of Tourism throughout the year, I am reviving an old idea by bringing back “Notes from the Visitors Center.” For a few years in the 1990s this was a weekly column I wrote for one of the local newspapers. This new version will be put out monthly. It will be posted at FairhavenTours.com, on the Facebook page of the … [Read more...]